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The LATEX Track Changes Manual

Linda Briesemeister
SRI International

August 12, 2015
Acknowledgements and Disclaimer
1 Installation & Configuration
 1.1 Requirements
 1.2 Installation and Update
 1.3 Configuration
 1.4 Troubleshooting
2 Tutorials
 2.1 Creating the Example Git Repository
 2.2 Tutorial with Git and Emacs
 2.3 Tutorial with Git and LTC Editor
 2.4 Creating the Example Subversion Repository
 2.5 Tutorial with Subversion and Emacs
 2.6 Tutorial with Subversion and LTC Editor
3 Using LTC
 3.1 Using a Git Repository
 3.2 Using a Subversion Repository
 3.3 General Usage
 3.4 Using Emacs
 3.5 Using the “LTC Editor”
4 Writing Your Own Front End
5 Algorithms & Utilities
 5.1 How Are Changes Calculated?
 5.2 Utility Programs
A License