Changes in LTC

Release History

Version Date Description
1.0.9 2014-08-12  
1.0.8 2014-08-08  
1.0.7 2015-07-10  
1.0.6 2014-05-22  
1.0.5 2014-02-05  
1.0.4 2014-01-27  
1.0.3 2013-12-18  
1.0.2 2013-11-19  
1.0.1 2013-09-27  
1.0 2013-08-19  
0.9.15 2013-05-03  
0.9.14 2013-04-10  
0.9.13 2013-03-19  
0.9.12 2013-01-30  
0.9.11 2012-12-27  
0.9.10 2012-12-18 first beta-release at sourceforge
0.9.8 2012-10-29
0.9.7-SNAPSHOT 2012-05-30

Release 1.0.9 – 2014-08-12

Type Changes By
Fix Downgrading jGit to still support Java 6. Thanks to Peter. lilalinda

Release 1.0.8 – 2014-08-08

Type Changes By
Fix Downgrading Jetty to still support Java 6. Thanks to Peter. lilalinda

Release 1.0.7 – 2015-07-10

Type Changes By
Add Added two new command line switches -e and -a to edit preferences and to calculate color on the command line when starting LTC server. Use the -h switch to see details. Thanks to Peter. lilalinda
Update Improved LTC Emacs mode to handle multi-byte issues better. The user still has to decide what to do with offending text (because we cannot guess if the multi-byte character is superfluous) but it fails with better error messages and also prevents some nasty state confusion. Thanks to Peter. lilalinda

Release 1.0.6 – 2014-05-22

Type Changes By
Fix Now deploying byte-compiled versions of the Emacs libraries. Please also update your by omitting the -s flag to be able to extract the .elc files. Fixes 51. Thanks to Peter. lilalinda
Fix Fixed issue with ending at wrong cursor position in Emacs when doing FORWARD deletion short-cuts. Fixes 50. Thanks to Peter. lilalinda

Release 1.0.5 – 2014-02-05

Type Changes By
Fix Fixed intermittent communication issues between Emacs mode and LTC Server for long text files with a rich version control history. Fixes 48. Thanks to Peter. lilalinda
Update Improved error messages and fall-backs for Emacs mode. Emacs now checks versions between ltc-mode.el and LTC Server and alerts the user if a mismatch is found. lilalinda
Update LTC Server now responds in HTTP 1.1 due to an embedded Jetty web server. A new command line switch -m shows a progress meter for computing intensive requests. lilalinda

Release 1.0.4 – 2014-01-27

Type Changes By
Fix Fixed semantics of limiting by authors to not attribute changes to others. Fixes 46. lilalinda
Add Newly implemented text field for limiting authors in LTC Editor that allows drag-n-drop as well as automatically completes known author names. lilalinda

Release 1.0.3 – 2013-12-18

Type Changes By
Add Improved error message handling for SVN authentication issues. Added a FAQ item, which is also shown when error occurs in LTC Editor or ltc-mode. lilalinda
Add Redesigned LTC Editor to have a more compact view on LTC information (strongly influenced by Emacs' info buffer). Still a few issues open here (continue to develop on feature branch). lilalinda
Fix Allowing limiting by latest version on disk or in editor, which results in empty changes but might be nice to temporarily see the document without changes. Fixes 42. lilalinda

Release 1.0.2 – 2013-11-19

Type Changes By
Add New Emacs function to undo-change at point or all changes by the same author or in region. (Needs to be documented soon.) Thanks to Peter. lilalinda
Add The coloring of the revision history is now more intuitive -- the first version with changes is now shown as the first active/colored one instead of the base version with which to compare. Thanks to Peter. jim_klo
Fix Better control of debug and log output in Emacs. Now there is a customizable toggle in the "ltc" group that governs the amount of output in *Messages*. The contents of the *Messages* buffer is also copied into the bug report. Fixes 17. lilalinda
Fix Fixed issue that prevented SVN-controlled files in subdirectories to work. Fixes 44. lilalinda

Release 1.0.1 – 2013-09-27

Type Changes By
Add A new setting whether to allow similar colors for authors guides the color selection upon an LTC update. Fixes 4. lilalinda
Update Thanks to various beta-testers we fixed a number of small bugs such as: (1) logging from XML-RPC was using a hardcoded path, which did not exist for most users, resulting in an exception thrown from the LTC server and confusing users, (2) making it easier to email bug reports, (3) adding a date to all tool tips when hovering over a marked up change so that it is easier to match it to the list of changes, (4) fixed bug when author name and email was too long to be stored in Java Preferences, and (5) handling MS-DOS encoded newlines in Emacs mode. lilalinda

Release 1.0 – 2013-08-19

Type Changes By
Fix Fixed problem with limiting by revision under svn in Emacs. Fixes 38. lilalinda
Fix Allowing git files with merge conflicts to be included in history. Fixes 33. lilalinda
Fix Removing commit, pull and push from LTC Editor and Emacs ltc-mode and making the API leaner by removing calls that interact with version control system. Instead, users should use the regular tools for their VCS such as the command line. Adjusted tutorial sections in manual accordingly. Fixes 34. lilalinda

Release 0.9.15 – 2013-05-03

Type Changes By
Fix When specifying limit dates that are not exactly a commit date, one commit too many was included in the active list. This is now fixed and affected both, Emacs and LTC Editor. Fixes 27. lilalinda
Fix The text field to define a start date in LTC Editor now accepts text that is dragged-and-dropped or pasted into the field. Fixes 28. lilalinda
Fix Emacs mode now displays a graph instead of a line for the history of the file. This makes much more sense to the user. Fixes 30. lilalinda
Fix Emacs remembers height and location in the info buffer between updates. The lines are also truncated for a better use of screen real estate (not if vertically split, though). The user has to manually scroll in that buffer to be able to view the truncated lines. Fixes 31. lilalinda

Release 0.9.14 – 2013-04-10

Type Changes By
Fix Now parsing non-ASCII characters during lexical analysis. lilalinda
Fix Now parsing natural language constructs for limiting the version control history to a start date. Fixes 21. lilalinda
Update Improved LTC Editor to disable certain GUI controls when presented with an SVN-controlled .tex file, as setting "Self" and "Remotes" make no sense in that context. lilalinda
Add Added a boolean setting (persistent) whether to condense authors or not. By default, this is off so we see all intermediate versions of the same author marked up. The mark up changes once we turn this setting on, resulting in skipping intermediate versions (as done in the original implementation). Fixes 22. lilalinda

Release 0.9.13 – 2013-03-19

Type Changes By
Fix LTC Editor now has a button (with shortcut CMD/CTRL-R) to open a dialog to create a bug report. Fixes 3. lilalinda
Fix Install script does not rely on JDK anymore ('jar' tool) to unzip Emacs lisp files. The documentation has been adjusted. lilalinda
Fix About dialog now contains version information but license is only available via command line. All other command line tools have been adjusted to provide a mode of displaying the license. Small improvements to applications under Mac OS X. When we move to improved deployment (Ubuntu and Mac OS X), we can address these things more -- until then issue has been labeled as 'wont-fix'. Fixes 6. lilalinda
Fix Fixing markup of replacement sentences -- instead of marking up alternating words as replacements, the longest subsequence of words is consecutively marked up. Fixes 8. Thanks to Peter. lilalinda
Fix Adding revision ID to change markup so that LTC Editor and Emacs mode now display the revision ID with each change when the user hovers over a marked up character. Fixes 20. lilalinda

Release 0.9.12 – 2013-01-30

Type Changes By
Fix LTC Server and Editor now runs under Linux again. Fixes 7. Thanks to Tomer. lilalinda
Update Emacs mode updates "modified" and "on disk" flags in history as soon as edit and save operations happen; revisions and dates are now click-able in history buffer of Emacs mode to use these for limiting history; improved menu labels and prompts for user; install script now includes hint how to reload the Emacs mode file if Emacs was running while updating lilalinda
Update Better text for home page and link to Peter's web site. Thanks to Peter. lilalinda
Update Finalized logo and icon files. Fixes 5. Thanks to Cher. lilalinda

Release 0.9.11 – 2012-12-27

Type Changes By
Add Adding build information to About dialog, JAR manifest, and bug report. lilalinda
Update Bug report generation now obeys parameter whether to include the source repository. lilalinda
Update Emacs mode asks user now whether to include the source repository in bug report; it also provides a new command to set an author color without using a mouse-click. lilalinda

Release 0.9.10 – 2012-12-18

Type Changes By
Add Bug report creation now includes bundles (git) or zip file with file versions (svn). sbreiba
Update Emacs mode has menu items for bug reports and jumping to next/prev change; also added robustness features and better failure messages lilalinda
Update Fixed coloring of intermediate versions. lilalinda
Add Added license information, copyright headers etc. Moving to hosting at New logo and icon for applications. lilalinda
Add Public SVN repository for testing and tutorial added. lilalinda
Fix Removed command line switch for specifying git binary as this is no longer needed. Fixes 2. lilalinda

Release 0.9.8 – 2012-10-29

Type Changes By
Add Adding subversion support (the system automatically chooses between git or svn depending on the directory where the .tex file is located). sbreidba
Update More bug fixes for accumulation: still some white space issues. sbreidba
Update Started support for bug reports in Emacs (to be continued). Thanks to sbreidba. lilalinda
Add Customizable faces for addition and deletion in Emacs mode. Jump to next and prev change in Emacs mode. lilalinda

Release 0.9.7-SNAPSHOT – 2012-05-30

Type Changes By
Add Start tracking changes in this project. lilalinda