You have to be an administrator for this project. If not, you may not perform any releases.


Prepare all the bug fixes etc. on either the 'develop' or 'feature/XXX' branches. Switch to the 'develop' branch.

$> git status
# On branch develop
nothing to commit, working directory clean

The example uses the release of version 1.0 with the next one being 1.1-SNAPSHOT. Adjust these numbers as needed.

Start Release

Start Release Branch

Do the following command to start the release branch.

$> export VERSION=1.0
$> git flow release start v$VERSION

Optionally, check dependencies and plugin versions. Decide whether to actually update them or not.

$> mvn versions:display-dependency-updates  => to show, which dependencies have updates
$> mvn versions:use-latest-versions         => to update all dependencies

Now set the new version to be released (commonly by removing -SNAPSHOT from the version name).

$> mvn versions:set -DnewVersion=$VERSION
$> mvn versions:commit
$> git commit -am "preparing release of v$VERSION"

Finally, you can do more minor fixes and commit them to the release branch.

Update Change Log

Please edit file all/src/changes/changes.xml (if not already done) to reflect the latest changes in this version. If you are fixing bugs, make sure to mark them 'closed' in the bug tracker as well. Commit your edits.

$> git commit -am "updated change log"

Publish Release Branch (optional)

If needed, publish the release branch for others to help hardening the release.

$> git flow release publish v$VERSION

Clean Up Destination & Deploy JAR and Site

You will want to clean up the destination files on the sourceforge servers. To do so, start a shell at and do the following (replacing with your user name).

$> ssh -t lilalinda, create

Requesting a new shell for "lilalinda" and waiting for it to start.
queued... creating... starting...

This is an interactive shell created for user lilalinda,latextrack.
Use the "timeleft" command to see how much time remains before shutdown.
Use the "shutdown" command to destroy the shell before the time limit.
For path information and login help, type "sf-help".

-bash-3.2$ rm -rf /home/project-web/latextrack/htdocs/*
-bash-3.2$ rm -rf /home/frs/project/latextrack/LTC/1.0
-bash-3.2$ mkdir /home/frs/project/latextrack/LTC/1.0
<LATER: copy README.txt?>

Leave the shell open in order for the deployment through Maven to succeed.

Next, we run the Maven build system to deploy the JAR file and site files to sourceforge.

$> mvn clean deploy site site:deploy

Finish Release Branch

After the upload, finish the release branch. During the finishing of the release, you can accept the default commit messages about merging and you want to supply a tag message.

$> git flow release finish v$VERSION

Then, make sure to be back on the 'develop' branch to bump the version number and propagate this to the remote branch.

$> git checkout develop  # this may not be necessary
$> mvn versions:set -DnewVersion=1.1-SNAPSHOT
$> mvn versions:commit
$> git commit -am "bumping next release number to v1.1-SNAPSHOT"
$> git push origin develop

Shutdown Shell

Finally, close the shell at

-bash-3.2$ shutdown
Requesting that your shell be shut down.
This request will be processed soon.
Broadcast message from root (Wed Dec 12 20:50:46 2012):

The system is going down for system halt NOW!
Connection to shell-24002 closed by remote host.
Connection to shell-24002 closed.
Connection to closed.